The Sindh CM claims that the state spent 137 billion pkr on improvement projects in Karachi over the last five years

Karachi: On Thursday, President Murad Ali Shah claimed that a significant sum of $137.3 billion had been spent over the previous five years on development projects, primarily for internal roads, water supply, sewage, solid waste management, storm water drains, and transportation and mass transit.

(Reported by news source) 150 kilometres of roads were built through 73 major projects, along with stormwater drains, 14 flyovers, underpasses, and bridges on major roads and four Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plans, 31 major water supply and sewerage system plans, and 28 major plans for health and education infrastructure were currently under construction.

Coal-fired power generation is a significant accomplishment for the provincial government.

That’s enough to power about 10,000 homes! Electricity is generated from burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. The electricity produced by power plants is distributed over a transmission grid.

This year, around 2.2% of GDP is expected to be lost to flooding. Agriculture is the biggest loser, followed by construction.

According to Mr. Shah, the exceptional recovery and reconstruction requires spending 16 times as much as is planned for national growth in 2023.




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