Crackdown launched on industrial units, businesses for smog control

Lahore: The city administration has launched a crackdown on the industrial units and other businesses to control smog, a local media reported on Saturday. As per the details, the administration has started this operation against the industrial units and other businesses that cause environmental pollution.

During this operation, the government started checking the factories that were given fitness certificates earlier by the environment department.

The news source mentions that the government has been drafting a policy to prevent air pollution and smog. A city administration spokesman has stated that they have been taking different measures to improve the air quality index of the city.

According to a report by a Swiss-based air quality company, the air quality in Lahore is worst than any other city in Pakistan.

The spokesperson revealed that during the operation, 170 industrial units, located in the areas of Mahmood Booti and Bheeni villages have been sealed.

He went on to say that most factories that make rubber, tyres, carbon, and steel produce toxic emissions that are harmful to human health and increase smog. That is why the government is focusing on those factories to curb the deteriorating air quality.


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