The first digital hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, announced

Karachi: On Thursday, Murtaza Wahab announced that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation had launched the megacity’s first digital hospital in partnership with the private sector, offering residents free, round-the-clock online OPD and consultation services at home.

The data centre that the hospital will create will be able to forecast the illnesses in the area. According to the city’s administrator, the Find My Doctor clinic’s establishment was allowed in the public’s best interest so that the locals could take advantage of the cutting-edge resource.

The digital hospital, a joint endeavour between KMC and Find My Doctor, will generate a database showing the number of patients who have each disease and what stage of their treatment they are in.

According to Murtaza Wahab, establishing a digital unit at the hospital will allow it to offer online and off-site services throughout the city’s accessible locations.

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