Pakistani driver Junaid Rana turned millionaire has been spending his Dh50 million cash prize

Junaid Rana has shared his new riches with others by making his first-ever investment of over Dh1 million into an Indian family business.

Two months ago, the 36-year-old Pakistani expat bagged another prize in a draw – a Mercedes AMG G63 G Wagon valued at Dh1.36 million.

After losing all of his savings, Rana tried his luck with the Mahzooz lottery drawing every month as soon as he received his monthly salary.

It’s always been a year-round task to make time for fitness.Usually I participate in Mahzooz when my salary gets credited.

That month, my salary was delayed because of a public holiday. But just in time for the Mahzooz draw.

I chose six random numbers two hours before the draw’s cut-off and then immediately texted them to myself.I was at the gas station and decided to open my Mahzooz app.

We’ll give you the number one. You have five to try.It was not any birthday or anniversary you had filled out.It was completely random that came into his mind, “he said.He stayed in and participated in the grocery store draw instead of going to the store on Saturday night.

He picked numbers 6, 11, 21, 32, 33, and 46.

Rana knew at an early age that one day he would win the lottery. He told his mom about his dream to win a jackpot and how he’d help his family once he became rich.The same is true of the other successful businesswomen in Dubai that I met. They are no longer stuck in low-paying jobs or still working part-time to fund their businesses.

Rana was dreaming about becoming a multi-millionaire. It didn’t happen the day he became one. “I offered to sponsor my barber’s wedding the next day,” he explained. “It was just another day for me.

New homes

She has purchased three homes for her siblings and two apartment complexes. She’s also been responsible for building and designing homes for others.

I’m planning to build a massive home back home in Islamabad. With full- fledged security.

I dropped out of high school at the age of 15, after which I began to work as an escort. My earnings allowed me to help my mother and her boyfriend with his business.

When I graduated high school, we moved back to Pakistan where my father died of kidney failure when I was 18.

I was hoping my father would have lived longer. I’ve been saving money for years in the hope of building a sprawling mansion, where all my siblings and their families and my family can live together with our mother.

“I am so glad I did it.”

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